Penn Treaty Park, and the history embodied in it, has inspired individuals far and wide for generations. For Robert Anthony Clemens, who grew up in South Kensington, the connection goes way back.

Penn Treaty Park

On a bank near the river’s edge,

At a place where the chiefdom met,
A treaty of brotherly love
Forged a bond of friendship and pledge.

Recorded on a wampum gift,
The Lenepe bestowed to Penn,
English and native became one,
As shown on the historic gift.

From Shackamaxon to Fishtown,
The story began with Penn.
From shad fishing to industry,
A town grew, and still called Fishtown.

At the foot of a city park,
Known to locals as Penn Treaty,
An obelisk marks the spot where
The famed treaty made its mark.

I played there as a kid, as did
My father and grandfather did.
An oasis in the city.
To run and play being a kid.

Robert Clemens