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 In the history of civilization, people of diverse cultures have seldom lived together in peace and friendship. For a brief period of time Native Americans and newly arrived Europeans lived in harmony at Shakamaxon on the land that belonged to the Original People. These two groups in 1682, different in outlook and experience, met under the branches of the great Shackamaxon elm tree. Today, this land in Philadelphia preserved by those before us is known as Penn Treaty Park.

The Native People of the area, the Lenape, sealed the treaty of friendship with William Penn by presenting him with a wampum belt. This simple act became a powerful symbol of the best of the human spirit. In 1991, award-winning sculptor Bob Haozous incorporated this symbol of friendship in his work that stands near the entrance to Penn Treaty Park. Difficult to see during the day, it is impossible to see at night.

The Penn Treaty Museum invites you to join with us as we attempt to illuminate this symbol of Peace and Friendship. Together, we can remove the darkness and shine the light of Peace and Friendship at Shackamaxon. The only place on the planet that started with Peace.

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