"Knowledge is the treasure of a wise man." - William Penn


Welcome to the Penn Treaty Museum. The museum celebrates the 1682 Treaty of Friendship made between the original stewards of the land and William Penn under the branches of an elm tree at Shackamaxon.

The museum, a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2007, preserves the story of the Treaty of Friendship through art, artifacts and research. Primarily a virtual museum, it is open to the public by appointment.

As you tour our website, you will learn about the culture of the Lenape people. You will understand how the Treaty Tree became a symbol of peace, love and social justice world-wide. You will see how this simple act of friendship became an inspiration to artists, musicians and writers that continues into the present.

The museum undertakes projects each year to keep this timeless story alive. We invite you to join us with our current project as we work toward lighting the Bob Haozous sculpture at Shackamaxon.

Enjoy. Learn. Share the Story.

The Penn Treaty Museum Board of Trustees
Benjamin J. Connors, John J. Connors, Kathy Downey, Margaret Dwyer, Nancy Gibbs, Kenneth W. Milano, Douglas Mooney, Pastor John Norwood, Gail Sweet, Carol E. Smythe, Steven Tull, Rebecca White

The Only Place on The Planet – A Project to Light the Way

Penn Treaty Sculpture

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